Network Enterprise Center


Plan, implement and support effective and efficient customer service in Information Technology by providing data integrity and network defense for the entire Presidio of Monterey Community.


Customer Service Center


Cyber Security & Incident Repsonse

Report any Cyber Security incident on the .MIL network to the POM NEC at the email address below or to the POM Installation System Security Manager (ISSM):

ISSM Phone Number: 831-242-7181


To Obtain a Computer Network Account

VTC Services

  • VTC services are provided by the NEC at Bldg. 418. The site is not manned unless a VTC is being held.
  • Coordination is required prior to use of the VTC suite. To read the VTC request process and the required information for scheduling a VTC click here.
  • Priorities for General Officer, Classification level, and date of submission of request are used when there are scheduling conflicts.
  • Vidyo Desktop Client software is available from any .MIL connected PC as an alternative for .MIL hosted Unclassified VTCs. Click Here for more information about Vidyo Desktop.


Telephone Services