Transportation Office

Bldg. 517, Presidio of Monterey, CA
For PCS and other Transportation requirements, please contact us at:
or 831-242-6848

For personnel with valid orders (PCS/ETS/TDY), the Transportation Office (TO) provides the following services:

  • Arranges for the shipment of inbound and outbound household goods (HHG):
  • Assists with processing personally procured (aka DITY) moves.
  • Provides information for "no fee" passports for personnel and their families. All official Ďno feeí passports are now processed at the Navy Post Graduate School. To arrange for a passport/visa, please contact the NPS Passport Agent.
  • Coordinates official travel to CONUS and OCONUS destinations.
  • Provides freight movement support.


Additionally, the following information is provided to assist in your transportation:


Household Goods--Inbound Shipments

If you have household goods (HHG) coming in, Please contact the Transportation Office at 831-242-6848 for information regarding your HHG shipment or your Transportation Service Provide. Or visit the Transportation Office at BLDG 517, Mon-Fri 8:30am-4pm.

For delivery availability, please contact JPPSO-SW San Diego at 619-556-6683.

If you want your HHG shipped from your Home of Record (HOR) to the Presidio of Monterey (POM), options available to you are:

  • Visit the Transportation Office with a copy of your orders. You are required to complete the Personal Property Worksheet and provide information for the individual who will be at the origin residence to release your HHG. Once completed, your paperwork will be sent to the responsible Transportation Office closest to the HOR for booking. Please allow 1-2 weeks (during winter) from the date your paperwork is sent for requested pick-up dates. Please allow 3-4 weeks (during summer) from the date your paperwork is sent for requested pick-up dates.
  • If you wish to move your goods at your own expense (PPM), visit the Transportation Office with a copy of your orders that assigned you to POM. Complete a Personal Property Worksheet and submit to the TO. Once your move is completed, please visit the Transportation Office to schedule a briefing appointment to collect your PPM paperwork.
  • Arrange for your HHG to be mailed through the US Postal Service, or other small package company. (Only recommended for HHG weighing less than 200 lbs). *Make a claim for reimbursement by submitting an original copy of the receipt, 1 copy each of orders which assigned you to the POM and the ones which placed you on active duty. Bring these to building 220, Monday-Friday, 0745-1145/1245-1645. The Defense Military Pay Office processes payment, on average, 4-6 weeks. Telephone number is (831)242-6848.


Claims for Reimbursement: If you have already moved your HHG and wish to claim for a reimbursement, please see the link for "Filing a Claim" above, or Click Here.


Shuttle Service

Shuttle buses for stops within the Presidio area are available to Service Members (SM) at no cost. On a space available basis, family members may use the service upon presentation of a valid military ID card. Bus stop locations are here.

For Monterey-Salinas transit bus passes (regional bus), please click here.

DoD civilians are authorized to use the shuttle on a space available.

To provide comments on services or suggestions regarding bus stops and schedules, email or click on the following link:

Transportation Motor Pool

The LRC Transportation Division manages fleet of GSA leased non-tactical vehicles (NTVs) at the Presidio. These vehicles are available for Official Use per the AR 58-1 and the DODM 4500.36 to our support agreement customers and, depending on availability, to outside-support customers on a reimbursable basis. Our NTV fleet consists of dispatch vehicles and a small open-fleet of pooled vehicles. For open-fleet vehicle requests please contact your Unit Transportation Coordinator or call the TMP at 831-242-7791. For questions regarding vehicle assignment, please contact your Resource Manager or the NTV Fleet Manager at 831-242-6380 or via email at

The Command Policy on the Use of Government Vehicles, can be found here.


Director of Logistics

Director of Logisitics

Mr. Brian D. Clark