Logistics Readiness Center


Provides first-class logistical services to support mission readiness and enhance the quality of life for the Monterey Military Community and their Families.


Supply (Hours of Operation 7:45am - 4:45pm)

Office Telephone Building
Chief, Supply 242-7951 235
Property Book Officer -Maintains 100% accountability of all installation property. 242-6542 235
Hand Receipt Manager - Provides customer service to hand receipt holders by ensuring holders meet Army standards in accordance with AR 710.2. 242-5430
Central Receiving Point Warehouse - Provides Customer service for
receiving property and parts in support of the Garrison and the Mission.
Redistribution Warehouse - Provides Customer support for  reutilization of government property. 242-4511 OMC
TextBook Warehouse - Provides Customer Service to DLI schools via Language Materials and Field support for continuing education. 242-5575
Document Control/CSDP Monitor 242-6539 235

Services (Hours of Operation 7:45am-4:45pm, not including DFACs/Kiosk)

Office Telephone Building
Food Program Manager - Provides oversight of dining facilities (DFAC) and Garrison Food Program. 242-7953 235
Dining Facilities
  • Combs Hall
  • Belas Hall
  • Kiosk
  • 242-5384
  • 242-5008
  • 627
  • 838
  • 627a
Meal Rates as of Jan. 2016
Belas Hall Time
Breakfast 0600 - 0745(M-F)
Lunch 1100 - 1300(M-F)
Dinner 1730 - 1900(M-F)
Combs Hall
Breakfast 0600 - 0745(M-F)
Lunch 1045 - 1245(M-F)
Dinner 1730 - 1900(M-F)
Weekends and Holiday Hours*
Breakfast 0730 - 0900
Lunch 1200 - 1330
Dinner 1700-1830

Please check monthly DFAC Open/Close Calendar for weekend/holiday schedule.


Kiosk: Monday - Friday*
Breakfast 0615 - 0745(M-F)
Lunch 1045 - 1245(M-F)
Dinner 1900 - 2030(M-Thu)

*The Kiosk is closed after Lunch Meal every Friday and closed on weekends.

Laundry COR - Enforces Army Laundry Service standards and ensures service provider compiles with every aspect of Laundry and Dry Cleaning service contract.




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Maintenance Division (Hours of Operation 7:45am - 4:45pm)

Office Telephone Building
Chief, Maintenance Division (OMC) - Provides customer support with classification and technical inspection for electronic item repair and turn-in. 242-7601 OMC
Electronic Maintenance and Vehicle Support - Provides customer support for technical inspection of Government Owned Property/Equipment and with repair/maintenance for all Government Owned Vehicles. 242-7612 OMC

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Plans & Operations (Hours of Operation 7:45am - 4:45pm)

Office Telephone Building
Plans and Operations - Facilitates Logistical planning and operational support for all divisions of the Directorate of Logistics. 242-6967 235

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Transportation Division (Hours of Operation 7:45am - 4:45pm, unless otherwise stated below)

Office Telephone Building
Chief, Transportation Division 242-6450 517
Contract Quality Assurance
TMP Contract Quality Assurance - Quality control and assurance for the Transportation Motor Pool and Shuttle Bus contract. 242-6380 517
Personal Property Contract Quality Assurance - Quality control and assurance for the Transportation Office section of the Logistics Contract. 242-6442 517
Personal Property Office (Hours 8:30am - 4pm)
Personal Property Manager 242-5203 517
Inbound Personal Property - Provides customer support for arrival and delivery of Household Goods for service members. 242-5094 517
Outbound Personal Property - Provides customer support for pick-up and movement of Household Goods to next duty station or destination. 242-5330/5072
Personal Property Quality Assurance Inspector - Provides quality control for pickup/delivery of Household Goods. POC for feedback regarding performance of movers. 242-6457/5096 517
Non-Temp Storage - Provides customer support for non-temporary storage authorized for personal property at Government expense. 242-6803 517
Freight/Direct Procurement Method - Provides customer service for direct procurement method and cargo movement. 242-5203
Travel - Provides customer service for passenger travel of service members and other government personnel on official travel. 242-5203 517
Passport Agent - Provides customer service for visas, official passports, and diplomatic passports. For tourist passports, please contact nearest post office. tsosborn@nps.edu NPS
Transportation Motor Pool (TMP) (Office Hours 7:45am - 4:45pm)
TMP Admin Office/Dispatch - Provides customer support for requests for government leased non-tactical vehicles (NTVs), and requests for shuttle buses for event support. Not applicable to MST buses, see below for MST point of contact. 242-7785
Shuttle Bus/Vehicle Comment Hotline - Provides customer support for feedback/questions regarding TMP contract performance, NTV usage and shuttle buses.  Not applicable to MST buses, see below for MST point of contact. 242-7784 OMC
MST Buses (City Bus) - For questions/concerns about the MST city buses. Schedules can be picked up at Bldg 614, Rm 119. www.monterey.army.mil/bus/busprogram.html

Click Here to visit the Transportation Office webpage


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Director of Logistics

Director of Logisitics

Mr. Brian D. Clark