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Litigation & Claims Office Mission


The mission of the Litigation and Claims Office is to investigate, adjudicate and resolve claims filed both on behalf of the United States and against the United States. These include tort claims, affirmative property claims, and Article 139 claims. Our Area of Responsibility (AOR) is all of Nevada and 53 of 58 counties of California (excluding Imperial, Kern, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties).



The Litigation & Claims Office is located in Building 275 at the Presidio of Monterey’s Office of the Staff Judge Advocate. For questions, please call our information line at 242-6396.


Mailing Address: ATTN: Claims, Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, USAG Presidio of Monterey, 1336 Plummer Street, Building 275, Monterey, CA 93944-3327.


Personnel Claims (Household Goods Claims)

All Personnel Claims filed by Army active duty service members and Department of Defense civilians under the Personnel Claims Act for losses incurred incident to service within our AOR are received, adjudicated, and resolved by the U.S. Army Center for Personnel Claims Support (CPCS) office located at Fort Knox, Kentucky. This includes household goods claims, POV shipping claims, and losses incident to service. All questions or requests for assistance regarding such claims with the Army, Transportation Service Provider (TSP), or Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) should be directed to the CPCS. You can reach the CPCS on all issues concerning Household Goods Claims at:


Phone: (502) 626-3000, DSN: 464-3000, Fax: (502) 626-1320 Email:




Mailing Address: ATTN: IMKN-CPC, Building 1310, Pike Hall, 50 Third Avenue, Suite 307A, Fort Knox, Kentucky, 40121-5230


Office Hours: Monday-Friday 0730-1630 (eastern), closed all holidays/weekends.


Tort Claims

Our office receives, investigates, and resolves claims filed against the United States under the Federal Tort Claims Act (28 U.S.C. Sections 2671-2680) and other waivers of sovereign immunity. This includes claims within our AOR by non-service members for ‘slip and falls’, traffic accidents, and other personal injury and property damage where the government is alleged to be negligent.


Affirmative Property Claims

Our office asserts affirmative property damage claims for damage caused within our AOR. For example, if an individual destroys a stop sign on post, the government will seek the cost of replacing the stop sign.


Affirmative Medical (FMCRA) Claims

Affirmative Federal Medical Care Recovery Act (FMCRA) claims within our AOR are processed by the Madigan Army Medical Center. They can be reached at:


Phone: (253) 968-5175, Fax: (253) 968-2560


Mailing Address: Madigan Army Medical Center, ATTN: MCHJ-JA, 9040 Jackson Avenue, Tacoma, WA 89431.


Article 139 Claims


Penalties for Filing a False Claim

Pursuant to Section 287 of Title 18, United States Code, anyone filing a false or fraudulent claim may be fined up to $10,000 and/or imprisoned up to five years. Military personnel filing a false claim are subject to courts-martial for violating Article 132 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.


Staff Judge Advocate

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Lt. Col. William Stephens


Monday through Friday
7:30am - 4:30pm

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