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Presidio of Monterey Employee of the Month/Year/Quarter Program recognizes individuals in the garrison workforce that demonstrate superior work effort, job knowledge, and customer service. Employees are nominated by their director for the Employee of the Month Award through instructions on the policy letter. Each quarter the monthly winners compete for Employee of the Quarter and a cash prize. Employee of the Quarter winners will compete for Employee of the Year and a cash prize.

2017 Civilian of the Year
Brad Hess, Presidio of Monterey Fire Department


POM Civilian of the Year 2017

Mr. Hess' exemplary performance exceeded the outstanding candidates that had received recognition as Civilians of the Quarter, with the maximum significant impact to the U.S. Army Garrison Presidio of Monterey. Mr Hess' exceptional dedication and commitment to the organization's mission, exceptional quality of customer service, and initiative significantly enhanced the Fire Department's operating effectiveness. Mr. Hess single-handedly identified and enhanced overall safety for firefighters and vehicles on the roadways. Mr. Hess reduced visible response times for POM Fire to arrive at the scene of emergencies which reduced the potential for loss of life and property damage. Mr. Bradley Hess' exemplary performance in the year brings great credit upon himslef, the POM Fire Department, the U.S. Army Garrison Presidio of Monterey, and the United States Army.

Feb. 2018 Civilian Employee of the Month

Civilian of the Month
February 2018

Ms. Jillian Santillanez, POM Victim Advocate


Ms. Jillian Santillanez was able to achieve critical protection for the twelve victims of domestic abuse requesting victim advocacy support. She made time to develop and deliver a Mindful Relationship class for couples with the intent to build and strengthen healthy Families. Ms. Santillanez developed and delivered a Tactical Breathing for Stress Relief, Mindfulness and Relaxation class for the POM Police Department. Additionally, in February, Ms. Santillanez, as a GS-9, stepped up to fill the void of the injured GS-11 New Parent Support Program Manager. She also represented the USAG POM Family Advocacy Program Manager at Monterey County Domestic Violence Collations Council at the Monterey County Distric Attorney's Office on 28 Feb. 2018. During that meeting, Ms. Santillanez shared her best practices for obtaining a higher percentage of complex and sometimes difficult rulings.

Jan. 2018 Civilian Employee of the Month

Civilian of the Month
January 2018

Lt. Edward A. Wilkins, POM Police Department


Lieutenant Wilkins labored over eighty hours of overtime in January, relinquishing eight of his 14 scheduled days off. Due to Wilkins' commitment, Physical Security was able to provide maximum coverage at the gates. Wilkins' superior customer service skills exceed expectation; although not his responsibility, he often escorted dependents and retirees with expired ID cards, Power of Attorney holders for disabled Veterans, and Gold Star Family Members to the Installation Legal Office and to the Military Personnel Division to expedite and streamline their visit to the Presidio of Monterey. His dedication and continuous drive to support the team are unsurpassed and set the standard for others to emulate.

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