The Residential Housing Communities Initiative (RCI) is a multi-year housing project. The Army is part owner along with Clark-Pinnacle in Monterey Bay Land LLC -- MBL leases the project footprint from the Army (including the area on NPS) and MBL then sub-leases that footprint to Monterey Bay Military Housing, LLC (MBMH). MBMH is responsible for building, renovating and leasing all houses at the Ord Military Community (OMC), Presidio of Monterey (POM), La Mesa Village (LMV), and the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS).

Leveraging private sector capital and expertise, the privatization program has a simple goal: to eliminate inadequate housing for military families.

Since the project's inception in late 2003, the Monterey Bay Military Housing project has delivered over 1,000 new homes for military families.

The MBMH has the distinct honor to serve Servicemembers and their Families by providing quality housing and services. For more information on these services, go to: www.monterey.pinnaclefamilyhousing.com

The Directorate of Public Works, Housing/RCI Division, is the Army component of the joint venture. The Housing/RCI Division provides administration of asset management and oversight of our RCI partner. Further, this division also supports Service Members off-post housing through our Housing Services Office (HSO), including services such as the Automated Housing Referral Network, housing inspections and landlord dispute support.



Housing at the Ord Military Community.

DPW Director

Director of Public Works Mr. James Willison

Mr. James Willison