Directorate of Emergency Services

Emergency services personell respond to a reported gas leak in 2011.



The Mission of the Presidio of Monterey Directorate of Public Safety is to provide competent, high quality, and effective public safety and security services to all persons, with the highest regard for human dignity through efficient and professional force protection, law enforcement, criminal investigations, fire services, crime prevention, and installation intelligence, as well as personnel, information, and physical security missions.


Our vision is to remain a major factor in determining and ensuring the quality of life in the Presidio of Monterey, Ord Military Community, and Former Ft. Ord. Our goal is to be a professional organization dedicated to personal and professional safety and security, nurturing family and community through force protection, innovative programs and initiatives, providing a safe haven for our military community. We continually re-evaluate ourselves as an organization that is committed to innovation and positive change in our endeavor to continually improve the quality of our service.


  • The sanctity and protection of human life and adherence to constitutional principles as our highest priorities.
  • The high level of professional and personal excellence demonstrated by our employees.
  • Improvement through technology, creative thinking and planning, efficient and prudent use of budget appropriations and thorough, ongoing evaluations of our people and systems.
  • Solving public safety problems and concerns in collaboration with the community.
  • The delegation of responsibility and authority, accompanied by accountability, to the lowest practical level with a proper balance of follow-up and management control.
  • Remaining sensitive to human needs and treating each person with respect, compassion and dignity.
  • Approaching each situation as unique and responding creatively with empathy and the prudent use of discretion.
  • Promoting mutual trust between the Directorate and the citizens and institutions of the Presidio of Monterey and Ord Military Community.
  • Enhancing the safety and sense of security for residents, employees, and visitors alike.
  • Fostering a quality work environment that encourages open communications and affords trust, respect and support for each DPS employee.
  • Each of our employee's contributions to the effectiveness of our organization and their involvement in decision making.
  • Employee opportunities for advancement, specialized training and assignments, and individual growth based on performance and a demonstrated ability to handle additional responsibility

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Chief of Emergency Services

Mr. Shawn Marshall


The Presidio of Monterey Police Department may be contacted twenty-four hours a day, every day at:
(831)242-7851, 7852, 7853
DSN prefix 768-xxxx.
For local emergency
call 911.