Terrorist Incident Predictors


  • Personnel observed near the installation using or carrying video/camera/observation equipment with high magnification lenses.
  • Personnel observed with installation maps or facility photos or diagrams with facilities highlighted or notes regarding infrastructure or listing of installation personnel.
  • Personnel possessing or observed using night vision devices near the installation perimeter or local area.
  • Personnel observed parking, standing, or loitering in the same area over a multiple day period with no apparent reasonable explanation.
  • A noted pattern or series of false alarms requiring law enforcement and or emergency services response.
  • Theft of military identification cards or government license plate off-base.
  • Reports of military personnel being asked questions off base pertaining to the installation.
  • Recent damage to an airport/military installation shared perimeter fence or gate such as significant holes or cuts.
  • Computer hackers attempting to access sites with personal information, maps, or other targeting examples.



  • Explosives thefts or sales of (large amounts of smokeless powder, blasting caps, or high velocity explosives).
  • Large amounts of high-nitrate fertilizer sales to non agricultural purchasers or abnormally large amounts to agricultural purchasers.
  • Large theft/sales of combinations of ingredients for explosives (fuel oil, nitrates, etc) beyond normal.
  • Theft/sales of containers (propane bottles, etc) or vectors (trucks, cargo vans, etc) in combination other indicators.
  • Reports of explosions (potential pre-testing).
  • Seizures of improvised explosive devices or materials.



  • Theft/sales of large numbers of semi-automatic weapons.
  • Theft/sales of ammunition capable of being used in military weapons.
  • Reports of automatic weapons firing.
  • Seizures of modified weapons or equipment used to modify weapons (silencers, etc).
  • Theft/loss/sales of large caliber sniper weapons .50 cal or larger.
  • Theft/sales/reported seizure of night vision equipment in combination with other indicators.
  • Theft/sales/reported seizure of body armor in combination with other indicators.
  • Theft/loss/recovery of large amounts of cash by groups advocating violence against government/civilian sector targets (applies to WMD as well).



  • Break-ins/tampering at water treatment or food processing/warehouse facilities.
  • Solicitation for sales of or theft of live agents/toxins/diseases from medical supply companies or testing/experiment facilities.
  • Persons stopped or arrested with unexplained lethal amounts of agents/toxins/diseases explosives.
  • Multiple cases of unexplained human or animal illnesses especially those illnesses not native to the area.
  • Large number of unexplained human or animal deaths.
  • Sales (to non agricultural users) or thefts of agricultural sprayers or crop dusting aircraft, foggers, river craft (if applicable), or other dispensing systems.
  • Inappropriate inquiries regarding explosives or explosive construction of personnel by unidentified persons.
  • Inappropriate inquiries regarding local chemical/biological/nuclear sales/storage/transportation points.
  • Inappropriate inquiries regarding heating and ventilation systems for buildings/facilities by persons not associated with  service agencies.


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